Advice on MB for Media File Server

First post - looking to see if there are other MB's out there that meet the criteria I have listed below.

I'm looking for a new MB for a home media file server (start ~4TB, will increase over time and do media sharing, etc.)

My basic requirements have been:

Minimum PD945 ready (EIST support), CNR ready preferable
2+ PCIx 4x/8x/16x slots (for SATA II Raid Cards)
2+ PCI slots
Integrated Graphics (don't want to pay $$ for additional card)
Integrated Sound optional (don't care, but would be nice for testing)
2-6 SATA II ports (only really need 2, but more is ok)
RAID 0/1 minimum for SATA (used for OS, pagefile partitions)
1-2 IDE ports (DVD writers, etc.)
1+ Gb Ethernet ports (2 preferable, but not required)
ATX Form factor (have an enlight 10-bay server-workstation case)
64-bit support
Linux drivers available
And the last one - $150 or less...

The only board I've found that meets these specs is the ASUS P5B-V. It uses the 965G chipset, and JMicron on-board raid (I'll be adding 1 or 2 Highpoint 2320 8 port SATA II raid controllers for data.)

Any other boards out there that meet this criteria, or any other suggestions. Need it to hold ~8 500G HD's to start, 8 more in the future, + 2 OS drives.

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  1. Thanks.

    I actually already checked that one out and it's #2 on the list :D

    Problem is it only has 1 PCIx4+ slot (a x16), and I'm looking for something with preferably 2 PCIx4+ slots for future expansion.

    I've actually checked newegg, zipzoomfly, tigerdirect, and pricegrabber for the last 2 months and can't really find anything other than $200 server mb's that fix what I'm looking for :(
  2. Thanks.
    I do understand you can put a 4x into an 8x or 16x - my original post states 2 slots of either 4x, 8x, or 16x. I need the 4x for the SATA II 8 port raid controllers I'm looking at - they don't fit into 1x slots unfortunately.

    Basically, most of the boards w/ 2 16x are for SLI - and don't have integrated graphics (I want to save $$ since this is a file server and not have to buy a graphics card... plus I need both 16x for RAID cards)

    I found 1 board matching all requirements I listed (mentioned in the 1st post - ASUS P5B-V), and a couple server boards that have 2-3 4x slots but they cost $200-400 (a little more than I want to spend on a board... want to save the $$ for the 8+ 500G HD's I'll be putting in.)

    Thanks for your comments / help though!
    Any suggestions are always welcome.
    Seems I'm just wishing for something that doesn't really exist at this time.
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