how to tell what reZ your monitor supports.

im not sure if this is the ideal forum but anyway.

ive got a 19 inch CRT i got it for free and have no idea what resolutuin it supports..

when i go into display propertys i see this,

im not sure if thats the res the grahpics card allows or the screen.. and when i try to set it to that res i jsut get a black sccreen.
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  1. It's probably the monitor, as I have a 19" CRT (On a 6600 AGP) as well and it won't go any higher than 1600x1200. Seriously though, have you tried just going to the monitor manufacturer's website and looking up your model?
  2. yes i did, there site sucks and this is an older monitor, from what i could gather i beleive there 19 inch crts support 1600x1200 but thats there newer stuff not sure about the older models..

    if it is 1600x1200 that would rock, thats an awsome res for games ive heard
  3. Quote:
    Ok go to your advance button. Now go to the Monitor tab. You will see a check box that will hide all the resolutions the monitor can't support. Then you will be able to see what that monitor is capable of.

    uuhha ty very much it does support 1600x1200 !! :)
  4. I forgot about those settings. ViewSonic rates my monitor's max at 1792x1344, but the tab allows me to take it up to 2048x1536. To the OP: I wouldn't advise running it at any unsupported resolution due to the risk of damaging the monitor; after all, they're hidden for a reason...although you did get the monitor for free, so it's not like you'd lose much if you tried. :twisted:
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