Need Bios Settings for C2D Mobos. Please help

I am looking to upgrade my excel calculator to include a sheet explaining all the BIOS settings for as many motherboards I can find details about.

Can anyone who owns any C2D capable Mobo's send me a list of the Bios settings available? I will do the leg work and look up the meaning of each of these settings.

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  1. Unfortunately No... They usually dont list them...

    Infact Im finding it very difficult to get descriptions of most of these settings... I got the following so far...

    A.I. Tuning
    PCI Express (PCIe) frequency
    PCI frequency
    Hyperpath 3
    Spread Spectrum
    Limit CPUID Max
    Overvoltage Protection
    Virtualization Technology
    No-Execute Memory Protect
    DRAM Frequency
    DRAM Timing
    "DRAM Timing - CAS# Latency (tCL)
    "DRAM Timing -RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD)
    "DRAM Timing - RAS# Precharge (tRP)
    DRAM Timing - RAS# Precharge Delay or Active to Precharge (tRAS)
    DRAM/DIMM Voltage (vDIMM)
    MCH Voltage (vMCH)
    FSB Voltage (vFSB)
    SB Voltage (vICH)
    CPU Voltage (vCore)
    CPU Host Clock/Frequency (FSB)
    CPU Clock Ratio or Multiplier

    Working on Descriptions... Not easy...
  2. The documentation on these Bios settings is HORRIBLE...

    For example... Asus has a SATA setting called

    SATA Configuration

    The documentation gives you the options you can set them too, but no description as to what the settings are, or what they do...

    It happens to be IDE or AHCI, and I know that AHCI is for the next gen OS... but I have NO clue what it does.. And how am I suppose to write a description to this...

  3. I dont want to write a script... My excel sheet isnt a way to tell people HOW to overclock... it provides people with information they need too overclock the way they want too... Right now its simply a calculator... I am providing a bios dictionary of terms...

    In your guide you tell us to disable all of these features... but the problem is that I, and most people, dont know what thoose features do in the first place... With the exception of C2E and a few other settings, the descriptions in the asus manual are all but useless.

    BTW, and off topic: I love C2E, and would love it if they could make it smart enough for overclocking. I havent tried to enable it in my 12x Multiplier mode... The drops in temps are just SO NICE!

    Your guide is great... but it doesnt arm people with information... it says do X, Y and Z... which is what most people need... But if you want to go farther, and understand and tweak things more... Then what...

    Voltages I understand... and most people do too... Memory timings I dont understand, but I know what to set my bios too... except there are 3 settings (number values) on my bios that are not mentioned ANYWHERE! They are completely foreign to me... and I cant find any documentation on what to set my memory to on these values.

    Many people are faced with this, and the poor documentation in the Book on Bios settings makes it all but impossible to understand things... I am triing to get deeper into the bios and what everything is set to, but I have to look all this crap up, and ask people here... Then I get no response from my questions; and googling it is often very long process... I am working through it, but again... I would like to save others the trouble.


    Wusy; You should try my calculator, its really cool... but its just that... a calculator... what you do with the numbers is up to you... I have no intention of creating an application that would overclock your system for you... This is not an exact science, and without some basic information how are we going to A) learn and B) work on getting things to meet our needs...

    Faster may not be better... If your guide tells me to disable a feature I want... then why shouldn't I be able to configure my OC around this requirement... I just have no Idea what most of that crap is that you ask to disable. I dont know what features Im loosing, and I have NO idea how different variations will effect OCing or basic chip opperation.
  4. I am not complaining or critizing your guide... I find it really helpfull... I thank you for the time you spent, and really think its great... I am working on providing MORE information, and in my next version of the spreadsheet I have included a link to your guide. I did this before you responded like you did, and I also include the information in your guide, into the excel sheet.

    I dont think you realize how much I respect you Wusy... Your one of the people on this website with a huge amount of information. It is clear that you have a passion for what you do, and that you are very well informend... I hear and read your answers, and I have never seen you say stupid things... When you talk, I listen... I welcome any answer you give to my questions, for I KNOW that what you say isnt stupid

    I have never complained about any statement you have made, only at times, have I tried to expand on your ideas. I personally am on a quest to find more information, and find it REALLY hard to get this information. I too have read guides to overclocking which are not specific... They are often very good reads, and provide fundimental practices and approaches to overclocking in general.

    If I have any complaint, it would be of the Mobo Manufactures documentation... Unfortuanately I can not single out Asus on this matter, for it seems to be an overall trend to every MoBo I have owned.

    I hate Asus... I love to tell people how much they suck, so I am sadden to say that Asus isnt alone here... Nothing would give me more pleasure then to help in the demise of Asus...
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