Getting rid of duplicate IEEE 1394 drivers

Background: New homebuilt rig, E6600, Asus P5W DH Deluxe (bios 1305), Windows XP Home SP2+All updates, chipset drivers installed from CD.

Problem: Duplicate drivers listed in the device manager for the following devices: 15 listings for "1394 Net Adapter" in Network Adapters and 32 listings for "Texas Instruments OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller" in IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers. These appeared very early on sometime after first booting to the desktop. Sometimes they will show up with the yellow exclamation mark and sometimes they don't. I have 0 plans to ever use Firewire so if I have to yank these drivers out by the root for good, I will.

What I've tried:
~Numerous (3) reformats and reinstallations of Windows trying to resolve other possibly unrelated system stability issues. They appeared in each and every installation,
~Disabling the drivers from the device manager then deleting them. About 30% of the time, trying to do this with the TI driver causes Windows to crash. The drivers will mostly all come back after deletion (I haven't counted them every time)
~Flat out deleting the drivers from System32/Drivers folder. No help there
~Disabling the 1394 Controller in BIOS. I tried deleting the drivers 1st then disabling the controller as well as doing the reverse of this.
~Profanity. Again, no progress.

I appreciate any help with this. I can't think of anything else to do.
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  1. These drivers don't appear be on the motherboard disk. It looks like it's from the Windows installation.
  2. I had the same motherboard and processor you have. I've had numeruos problems even after I exchanged 2 of the them. First problem was that it wouldnt boot up 2 windows. It would get stuck at the windows prompt second when I would get in to windows I was unable to get rid of theat same probelm you have. Same problem even with the second one. I finally gave up and exchanged for intel's D975XBX board. Now the problrm is solved. Works like a champ. I'm done with ASUS. Just my 2 cents.


    crucial ballsatix DDR2 800 2gig kit
    Antec NEO HE 550 WATT PS
    (2) 74 gig rator drives in Raid )
    Audigy 2ZS
  3. Update: I was able to solve half of the problem. When I viewed the resources by type in the device manager, I noticed the source of the conflict with the extra net adapters was with the Creative X-fi Xtreme music card that I had not installed yet. 1 and 3/4 hours later, I got the system to boot up with both the sound card AND windows at the same time. wow! (I discovered the secret was to disable the audio in the dev mgr then you install the card, reset, then you can enable the card or let the software find and activate it.)

    Now that just leaves the TI IEEE Host Controllers, all 32 of them.
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