Need help deciding the right power supply to for my pc

I never really installed anything serious to my pc b4 other than videos cards, and updating ram. I figure i need a new power supply bc my video requires 350w and my pc currently has 300w. Ever since i installed this card my pc reboots everytime i play a high demanding game like half life 2 or doom 3.

I have a gateway, p4 3.06ghz (HyperThreading), 1.5gb ram, 250GB harddrive, and currently a 300w powersupply.

If no one can tell me what exact power supply to look for, I am just hoping for tip on what to look for. :?
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  1. The model# of the gateway (and the gpu make / model) as well will help. Check out the gateway support page and put your serial # in there and you will find a parts list. Google the PSU part # for replacements and you should get a good idea of the dimensions. They have decent pics of the case / psu as well and can get a good view of the mounting requirements.

    Gateway sometimes has standard ATX but strange mounting brackets, somtimes a standard ATX will fit or not.
  2. i currently have a radeon x850 xt, but plan on upgrading to a nvidia 7950
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