Stuck on the asus a8n sli se

Well, all wired up in the case, looks to be working fine, all fans spinning, etc etc

Now, I dont know how to hook up a monitor to it. I just realised there isnt actually anything on the motherboard I can use to attach a monitor.

So now I have my X1800xt in the first PCI-E slot, where it should be. Plugged the monitor into that, but still wont work. This system doesnt have an OS yet, just the bare bones and a bios screen waiting to be seen.

Anyone got any ideas?

ALso, dont think/not sure I head any beeps from the computer, maybe the speaker is wired up wrong?
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  1. Try putting your video card in the second PCI-E slot, I had an Asus A8R-MVP that was Crossfire though, but I had to use the second PCI-E slot when I wasn't using the board in Crossfire mode.

    Maybe that would be the same for SLI, not sure though, just an idea to try.

    then i would make things easier for u
  3. Try use the second slot AND put the little chip to SLI mode. That should do it. Had the same problem.

    (And you did attach the second power cable to the mobo right?)
  4. You mean the extra 4 pins next to the 20 pin? Yes, I did do that.

    Asus A8n sli se
    Amd athlon 64 x2 3800 skt 939
    Ati x1800xt pci-e 256mb gddr3
    1 x 1gb ram (cheapo)
    2 x harddrives (1 x 40gb, 1 x 120gb, both IDE)
    2 x CD drives
    1 x floppy drive
    1 x hiper 630w peak psu (580w at 70% eff)

    Just need to know what to do once its all wired up, just cant get the screen to display anything when its plugged into the graphics card.

    Will start the building again, just need to get washed :D
  5. no I didn't mean the 20+4 connector. You also need to plugin ANOTHER 4 pin connector to the mobo... (would be on the top near the CPU somewhere.
  6. Ah, ok then. did see one but thought it was for sli or something.

    The board has a green light on though, doesnt tha means its ok?
    Anyway, plugging in as we speak :)

    And will I also need to configure any jumpers?
  7. no, u dont have to set any jumpers
  8. green light is good, but no certainty for functionality.

    Plug that other 4 pin connector and make sure your gc is also powered.
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