Microsoft MN-700 Port Fowarding Issue

Hey all! I have had my MN-700 for a year and some change and for the most part have had no problems. Just recently I started taking up learning Coldfuison (with IIS 5.0) and is using my primary machine as the webserver/server. I have wanted a few folks to check out what I have created and have sent them links via my WAN IP address. However no one can get to my even when I try pulling any of the pages via my other networked machine using the internal ip address or WAN address I get a Time out error. I think that I am doing the presient port forwarding right I have looked at the port forwarding site and everything seemed pretty straight forward. HELP!

and Thanks!
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  1. Make sure that the Windows firewall is not blocking your pages.
    I assume you are forwarding port 80 ?

    If you cannot connect to your webserver from another PC connected to your LAN then the port forwarding is not at fault. Can you ping the web server ?

    Open a DOS box and type:

    'telnet <i.p address> 80'

    This will test if port 80 is open on the target I.P address. If you see a blank screen and flashing cursor then the port is open.
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