Idea about Liquid cooling ( Anyone tried this?)

Anyone tried to place their water reservoir in a fridge -18 C, make wholes and insulate so you can have your tube going in and out of the fridge with minimum lose of energy.

i was thinking about this, has anybody tried to use an eutectic mixture with water or other liquids?

Sodium chloride and water form a eutectic mixture. It has a eutectic point of -21.2 C[1] and 23.3%[2] salt by weight

with the right salt concentration in water it should not freeze before -21.2C which would be a perfect temperatur for having your resevoir in a little fridge next to your comp.
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  1. You'd need to deal with condensation issues within the computer, along the tubing route and at the waterblocks.
  2. ah ya didnt think about that, doh im stupid!
  3. Naw man, you're not stupid for thinking about it. It's similar to what a "chiller" does almost - cooling liquid with an aparatus that operates at below ambient temperatures. Taking your computer to a LAN party hauling a fridge behind you might be a bit difficult though....
  4. I thought about doing it a few years back but never bothered because of (as already said) condensation issues.
  5. yep condensation is a problem, been there and did'nt fry the system
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