hp laptop problems--battery or ac adaptor???

I have a relatively new battery on my zv5330us hp laptop, but I am now having the problem that my laptop will not charge the battery while the computer is on. If I turn it off, it will charge it up fine. A few days prior to this, the ac adapter would charge the battery while I had the computer on, but only if I wiggled it just right into the exact right position. Can you help me decide which is the source of the problem: the ac adapter, the battery, or other? I will be taking it back to Best Buy under warranty, but since they hardly know what they are talking about, I thought I'd run it by you guys/gals first. Thanks!
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  1. same problem
    bought an expansion base and made a desktop out of my zv5000
    it seems that a lot of this model have this problem
  2. It was neither problem. It was actually a problem with the jack on the computer. Best Buy replaced and works fine now!
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