no signal on monitor??????

Running xfx1950 gx2 and viewsonic vx922, the dvi cable is the only one that will work but when i power on it shows no signal? any help please?
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  1. it's 2 gb of corsair twin2x2048-6400c4pro
    asus p5n32-sli se deluxe nf4sli
    xfx 7950gx2
    psu is pc power and cooling 610 watt
    core 2 duo e6600
    x-fi platinum soundcard
    74gb raptor hdd
    250gb hdd
    not sure if i missed ne thing. im his friend... was helping put it together... everything as far as i could tell was hooked up right... although the one thing that wasnt.. was the system speaker. the one built in... couldnt find it ne where.. the wire for it i mean... it was literally no where to be seen. other then that everything was hooked up. we got it to run the bios once but it froze up as i was setting it up. but other then that it doesnt show ne thing outside of no signal for about 15-30 seconds. and then nothing.
  2. ne help?
  3. MOBO: Asus p5n32-sli se deluxe

    CPU: E6600

    Ram: Corsair xms2 ddr 800

    GPU: XFX 7950 GX2

    PSU: PC P&C 610 watt

    Monitor: Viewsonic vx922 19" 2ms

    SC: X-fi Platinum

    HD1: WD Raptor 74gbs

    HD2: WD Caviar 250gbs

    Optical: Samsung 48x dvd/rw

    Floppy: Samsung

    I havn't even installed the OS yet, the monitor reads "no signal" on boot. I booted it about three times and it has reached the beginning of the bios ****, but then sputters and freezes. Then about twenty more boots I get nothing but "no signal" on monitor.
    Does this Mobo support ddr-800, my buddy read the manual it said it's highest 667mhz and 533mhz. The monitor has dvi and vga connections but, the GPU only has dvi connections?
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