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I have a Cable 5mb down connection, typically routed.

For the past few weeks I have been getting considerable lag during what's considered "peek times" by my cable company. It gets to the point where connection is completely lagged where I cannot even send or receive any packets.

I tried a direct connection to one of the PC's and same problem, which pretty much eliminates the router or network load to be the problem.

I tried resetting my modem, checked all the connections, had the line going from the pole outside to the house replaced. It is a dedicated line to the modem so I don't have any splitters to go bad.

Nothing helped. Lag completely prevents me from doing anything online, then it goes away after a few minutes. (please note that the modem does not loose connection).

Cable company claims their end is fine, I have tested everything on my end and the problem persists.

Could it be a bad moded, but if it is, why does it only happen between the hours of 6-10pm?

I am open to any input anyone has on this matter.
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  1. the more people that are online at one time on you "node" the less speed you will get. Since most nodes are going to serve like 100 or more homes, you can have a lot of people online.

    Check with your neighbors that have cable internet and see if they get the same problem you do. If they do then there isnt much you can do.
  2. I had similar problems and it turned out that my ISP had too many people on the same UBR (universal broadband router). There is an upper limit to how many people a single box can support and when you get close to that limit you see lots of lag. I was moved to a different UBR and all was fine.

    When you get lag try doing the following:

    - Open a DOS box

    You will see a list of each internet connection taken to get to Microsoft. Look for any hops with an unusually high time. Talk to your ISP and tell them your findings.

    Good Luck
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