How make client computer recognize it's on ICS with ad-hoc?


I am using Asus' Wi-Fi G At Home software ap adaptor and have established an ad-hoc connection with my laptop. I would like my desktop to be the ICS box, and have run network setup wizard on both of them. I can ping both computers, and see all shared documents between the two. The thing is, sometimes from the ICS client I can open my browser and a page loads, but only for the first page. After that, the connection keeps timing out, even though I can still open files in shared documents, etc.

Any thoughts on this? I am also using ZA Pro on both computers; the ICS gateway is configured as such with ZA and the ICS client is configured appropriately too.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. Is the XP firewall definitely disabled ?
    Try it without any firewall to see if that is the problem, or try in safemode with networking support.
  2. Hubbardt,

    Yes, I have definitely disabled Windows Firewall. see, the wierd thing about this is that I can sometimes load the google home page in my browser; sometimes I can only get this one page loaded. But other times I am able to browse to any link from a search performed in google, but only if it starts with doesn't work, but does, and this happens even with zone alarm disabled on both computers! Do you have any suggestions?

  3. Do you use Norton Antivirus ?
    I had problems with the Wom protection feature and ended up turning it off.
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