PROBLEM: No signal from monitor when i boot up

This is a brand new build just got parts delivered two days ago. I've got it all put together, but when I boot up the monitor ends up with a no signal on it then goes into sleep mode. Tried connections, taken out gpu, I can only use dvi connector because the gpu doesn't have vga. I'm sure others have had this problem, I just need a little direction on what steps people normally take, I appreciate any suggestions.

Asus p5n32-sli se deluxe

C2D E6600

Xfx 7950 GX2

2GBs corsair ddr2 800

Viewsonic vx922 dvi cable only.
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  1. MOBO: Asus p5n32-sli se deluxe

    CPU: E6600

    Ram: Corsair xms2 ddr 800

    GPU: XFX 7950 GX2

    PSU: PC P&C 610 watt

    Monitor: Viewsonic vx922 19" 2ms

    SC: X-fi Platinum

    HD1: WD Raptor 74gbs

    HD2: WD Caviar 250gbs

    Optical: Samsung 48x dvd/rw

    Floppy: Samsung

    I havn't even installed the OS yet, the monitor reads "no signal" on boot. I booted it about three times and it has reached the beginning of the bios ****, but then sputters and freezes. Then about twenty more boots I get nothing but "no signal" on monitor.
    Does this Mobo support ddr-800, my buddy read the manual it said it's highest 667mhz and 533mhz. The monitor has dvi and vga connections but, the GPU only has dvi connections?
  2. Is your monitor running?

    it is?


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  3. Do you get any beeps at all?
    Take everything out and put on a nice table.
    Only connect CPU, HSF, PSU (including the 4/8 pin connector) and make sure it beeps.
    If it beeps, add memory. If it beeps again, add GPU.
    When you boot, it checks first for CPU, then RAM, then GPU.
    You should get beeps if any of those are missing.
    Doing one at a time allows you to detect the problem better.
    Try that and post results for further help.
  4. I had a similar problem with that particular mobo. I could not find the problem and RMA'd it to Asus. They upgraded the BIOS and sent it back to me. After that it worked like a charm. So check your BIOS and hit the Asus website to download the latest BIOS. Good Luck.
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