PPROBLEM: No signal from monitor when I boot up

This is a brand new build just got parts delivered two days ago. I've got it all put together, but when I boot up the monitor ends up with a no signal on it then goes into sleep mode. Tried connections, taken out gpu, I can only use dvi connector because the gpu doesn't have vga. I'm sure others have had this problem, I just need a little direction on what steps people normally take, I appreciate any suggestions.

Asus p5n32-sli se deluxe

C2D E6600

Xfx 7950 GX2

2GBs corsair ddr2 800

Viewsonic vx922 dvi cable only.
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  1. Two things are in order.

    1. Reset the CMOS. Pull cords, pop out watch battery, put RTC jumper in the clear position for 30 seconds then return everything back to the way it was.

    2. Buy a cheap ass PCIe video card to put in there until you flash the bios. Last time i check that vid card isnt supported until 0401. I may be somewhat wrong in this but meh whatev.

    Try the resetting thing first...this is the most common problem with this mobo and there have been several posts regarding it. 8 times out of 10 resetng the CMOS fixes it everytime Read your instruction manual it specifically says to do this. Also in the jumper section it will explain about the RTC jumper.

    If you reset and you still get nuthing then option 2 is the route you need to go. A cheap ass PCIe card is like 50 bucks and atleast u will have something laying around incase you need to troubleshoot again. I kinda always have stuff laying around for reasons just like this.

  2. Dude, Have you looked at any of your previous posts?

    They all have suggestions. Maybe you should stop posting new posts for the same thing.

    It's taking up space. Wasting our time if you dont want to try to use our advice.

  3. its the graphic card pluged in properly and the external power cable conected?
    Is the monitor pluged in properly?
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