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I need to build a new pc for music production and a little video editing on the side. I will be running mostly cubase sx and pro tools, with a lot of cpu hogging software synths and other various plug-ins so I need some power and a good amount of memory. I wanna keep it as close to the $1,200. range as possible give or take a hundred or two. I would prefer to have a minimum of 2gb's of ram, if I can squeeze 4 in somehow that would be great, but probably not likely for my price range. This computer will be dedicated for music and video only, no internet etc.. I have another computer for all that other stuff.

So far all I've decided on is this processor:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz 4M sharing L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor - Retail $317.99

I'm having a hard time with what motherboard to go with etc.. I've been out of the pc building game for a while now. I've been doing a little research and from what I've read the intel core 2 duos are the best bang for the buck right now. Also, from what I know corsair xms ram is the best. I also know how important a good PSU is so if you could point me to a good one that would be great. As far as hard drives, I am happy with my current SATA seagate barracudas so I'm thinking of going with those for this new system.

Please help me out, all your suggestions would be highly appreciated, if you could point me to specific parts that would be great. I am also a little confused about which speed ram to get etc.. feel free to suggest anything that you may think is better for me. Thank you.
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  1. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3

    RAM: OCZ Gold 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2-800

    Video Card: eVGA Geforce 7600GT

    Case: Antec Sonata II

    Optical Drive: NEC ND-3550A

    and since you're editing audio...

    Sound Card: Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeMusic

    and of course.... don't forget your Arctic Silver 5

    Total (including the E6600) before taxes and shipping: $1105.92
  2. thanks, I forgot to mention that I already have a high end audio card so I won't need a soundcard. Is OCZ ram better than Corsair? Any suggestions on a good PSU?
  3. It depends what the specs are between a given set of OCZ and another given set of Corsair. I choose the OCZ because it's cheaper than an equivalent set of Corsair with the same timings. Some people may argue that you should go with CAS 4 for the ram, but not only is that unnecessary with Core 2 systems (given the CAS timing doesn't hurt overall performance with a Core 2 nearly as much as it would on an AMD X2 system), but it's also much more expensive.

    The Antec Sonata II comes with an Antec Smartpower 450W PSU. This will be sufficient for the components you are using.
  4. No actually, no one has refered me to those articles yet. I'll go have a read.....
  5. anybody else have any suggestions?
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