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For a guide like this one i would like to see some undercloking results(not FPS or MB/s but power differences) and what difference does it make to underclock and undervolt a CPU. for a power saving computer we dont need cutting edge performance and if we undervolt a E6600 or a X2 4400 it will probably reduce our wattage by a little without stopping us from web surfing and some light gaming or watching a DVD... and if it's better to buy a slower stock clock CPU EG. E4300/4400 or an 6420/6600 and underclock it. we could probably go for a aftermarket cooler and stop the noise also... maybe in Part 3 we can see that in action
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  1. Hi,

    I was on the hunt for a tool that would automate the power options of all my PC and servers in my network. After some time I found

    They provide a tool that can control all windows clients and servers in a network from a single console.
    I have setup my network that they power up on wake on lan. if a client is up it will wake up the file server and keep it alive so the users ca access the file shares.
    at night it will wake up the server, which then wakes up the client, makes a backup, installs updates reboots all with out interrupting the users.

    if pc s are idle it will put them into power saving mode. it monitors the activity and wont do it if stuff like presentations in fullscreen mode or cd burning in still going on.

    its basically hassle free and super easy to install.

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