help to set up my modem pls???

hi every one

i just find a strange things on seting up my internet connection, i have 2 modem, that i use one at the time.

one of my modem that i havent connected for a 2 months, i tryed last night, and when i go to command promt, type ipconfig /all i get the IP adress, the Subbnet Mask, DNS server, also the Gate away number, so it show that i have all the connection set up, i click on internet icon and i have no internet set up??? any idea??? i ask my networking lecture 2day and he said is the MAC address of the modem, but idont think so coz i have a MAC adress when i search,

could any one help me with this topic please???

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  1. You may need to contact the isp and have them enable the modem. When you changed modems you also changed the mac address that the isp had listed for you. Many isp will go off the mac address on the modem to enable your connection.
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