Celeron D vs pentium 4

i have a celeron d 2.53 GHz proccesor and am wondering whether its worth upgrading to a pentium 4 with 3.0GHZ and HT. i use the machine for gaming and general use, and no im not going to upgrade the gfx card as it is darn good as it is. if i upgrade would it make much of a differnce to my gaming or general use ?
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  1. um... YES
    Celerons suck for gaming
  2. ... o.... any explanations?
  3. Celerons don't have much cache, and thus when a branch is missed, the main memory has to be hit more often. Coupled to the fact that the FSB is high latency, the CPU sits idle while waiting for the memory a lot more than a Pentium 4.
  4. Quote:
    ... o.... any explanations?

    little cache. less clock frequency, small fsb speed.
  5. Are you on socket 775 or 478?

    If you upgrade to a P4, make sure to get one with the 800MHz FSB, as teh 533MHz bus models are bandwidth-starved, and will not give you such a great performance gain.

    EDIT: To the OP: Please post your complete system specs.
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  7. Quote:
    um... YES
    Celerons suck for gaming

    tell me about it. i have a 2.6ghz celeron in my 2nd computer.

    there will be quite a substancial performance gain from upgrading a celeronD 2.53 to a 3ghz P4
  8. You can find a Socket 478 northwood on ewiz.com for about $78 up to $112. The speed range is from 2.8GHz to 3.4GHz.
  9. Quote:
    um... YES
    Celerons suck for gaming

    I would've stopped @ Celerons suck....

    I remember telling my dad, Dont get that computer (bestbuy's $499.00 "deal of a computer" @ the time). He was like, but it's cheap. Not more than 3 months later he was complaining to me about how slooooow it was.

    You bet your a$$ he was up here this year asking me to build him a "real" computer. The 3.0 Ghz P4 w/HT totally pwns his celeron system. Guess which computer my mom has to use :twisted: while he computes a lot quicker.
  10. Pentium 4 is definetly faster than the celeron, but very soon the Pentium will feel slow as there will be quad cores and there already are dual cores everywhere. My advice -> wait a while then get a dual core. Forget about Pentium.
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