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My ISP will upgrade my Internet connection to 100 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up and my current router will not be able to handle more than around 20 Mbps. Does anyone out there have any experiences with "home type routers" and a 100 Mbps Internet connection?

I'm looking for something like the Linksys WRT54G but not necessary with wireless.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I've had a WRT54G for a couple of years now and it's been working great. I haven't had any issues with it. It is a very widely used and common router so you should be able to find any support you need on it. There are also many different firmware revisions out there to tweek it.

    What kind of ISP do you have? I'd love that kind of speed. All I have is a cable connection 5Mbps/256k.
  2. The problem with the WRT54G is that it only handles around 20 mbit/s on the WAN/LAN router. The WRT54G is great (I also have one) but it's too slow... so something faster is needed.

    Live in Sweden, the name of the ISP is "bredbandsbolaget" and they're upgrading most of their customer to 100 mbit/s down / 10 mbit/s up... and they do it for free
  3. I tested a few of the cheap soho routers a little while ago and the wrt54g was the fastest one I found at 27 mbps from lan to wan. I have heard that some of the cisco pix family will hit 100 mbit as will some of the sonicwall's. Everything that I heard of that will go that fast was thousands of dollars. So I made my own with a small form factor PC and m0n0wall.

    Have you asked bredbandsbolaget what they recommend / sell?
  4. One of the many reasons US ISPs SUCK!!! I bet it even costs you less than what my connection costs me. $50 US/month
  5. Well... it's included in the monthly fee for my apartment but I know that it's around 25 USD per month.
  6. I also built my own small formfactor pc to be a router for my network:

    It cost me around $400 to build and it works like a champ, currently running clarkconnect.
  7. Inexpensive option is dig up an old PC and throw something like IPCop 1.4.10 which is easy to setup.

    IPCop will support up to 4 NICs so you can seperate each NIC in it's own subnet for increased security. I currently have three NICs and going to add another NIC so I can install my mail server to it as a seperate network. Very slick.

    100Mbs download/10Mbs upload in your area? Gee... My DSL ISP recently upgraded my 1.5Mbs to 3Mbs at no cost. They offer 6Mbs but I'm too far from their C.O. to get that kind of speed. Ah well.. Least I'm not on dial-up.

  8. A company called SureWest Broadband ( offers fiber the the house service here. They jsut recently upped they're speeds to 20mbps up/down for 85 a months (US dollars) with no limits on data flow. I live smack dab in the middle of their service area... BUT! for some odd and totally cruel reason they dont service my street. and when i call for an answer they give me totally generic answers.

    OK enough about that im stressing myself out now....
  9. You may want to look at the Netgear FVS338 VPN router. It's a bussiness class router. I think it is close to 100mbps.
  10. Geez, supersize my inferiority complex why don't you?

    Tom's has a good chart on this subject (although subject to revision -- take with a small grain of salt) -- there are very few consumer routers that will come close to this speed, but a couple of them do.
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