DFI lanparty 939 boards..

On my here board there is 3 separate options for CPU voltages.. what ones do what i want it to do?

CPU VID startup..
CPU VID control..
CPU VID special control..

anyone help me out.. i've tried them all and the computer never wants to boot when i mess with them.. so what is what here.. help.
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  1. Then dont mess with them....lol
  2. Quote:
    Then dont mess with them....lol


  3. you are better off asking this at
  4. yea you are right sir.. come to find out.. i knew what they meant.. its just one of the voltages i select doesn't like my rig for some reason..

    all is good now 10 * 250(9/10) LDT 5 @ 2500mhz.. time to do some 2800mhz.
  5. You have a toledo core?? am I reading that right?
  6. San Diego.. but it comes stock at 1.35v.. and its a strange stepping that may be part of the bargain bin toledo cores that they disabled one core and labeled it a San Diego.
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