Where to set up sata on 965p-ds3 and a bios question

just got a 965p-ds3 and i wanted to know which port is better for sata2 gigabyte(purple) or intel(orange) whats the difference?
Also in bios what should i set "onboard sata/ide ctrl mode" to ahci or ide whats the difference/benefit?
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  1. also if i go with intel should i not instal all the drivers off the disk that came with my mobo?
  2. Use the ports for the Intel controller. When using an XP disk with SP2 integrated, you won't need to install SATA drivers from floppy. If you use the Gigabyte controller ports, you will need to install those drivers regardless.
  3. thanks Prophecy so its better to use intel port.i only have xp with sp1 do you still recommend using intel port?
  4. Go grab SP2 and use nLite to slipstream it, but yes.... use the Intel ports.
  5. Thanks again Prophecy,are ther any alternatives to using nlite to slipstream it?I'm not familiar with either of those.
  6. I think you can google: slipstream NLite
    and get what you need - a how-to guide.
  7. Quote:
    Thanks again Prophecy,are ther any alternatives to using nlite to slipstream it?I'm not familiar with either of those.

    I wasn't familiar with it either, but I was able to successfully slipstream SP2 into my XP disk the very first time I used it. The developer made the program very easy to use. You really shouldn't need that guide like WR2 suggested, but if you do, they are available. Google is your friend....
  8. Not sure if this will help or bot.
    But, Prophecy told me as well about the slipstream thing with nLite and I was going to use it but, I was talking to some friends and one of them said that even though my XP disk didnt have sp2 or sp1 on it to just try and install windows anyways just incase I didnt need the sata drivers because that had happened to him.
    So I built my comp today finally and I booted it up and installed windows xp on my sata Seagate drive with no sata drivers installed what soever and had no problems and it ran fine for hours.
    I know for sure I didnt have sp1 or sp2 because It said that I couldnt install the sound drivers till I installed Sp1 so I had no sound at the time.
    Hope it helps.
    Maybe it was just a random occurence when it worked with no drivers? I have no idea.
  9. alright was able to make an xp disk with sp2 but after i installed and rebooted instead of loading the windows config i'm just geting a black screen

    edit: is there anything else i'm suppose to put on xp besides sp2?
  10. also just in case it helps i need to go in to bios then cmos standard features and set hdd to none for it to load either xp disk.i was able to succsefully install xp using f6 disk that i made from the mb cd but thought that might cause a conflict since i think that driver is specificially for GB port so i deleted that install.

    edit: sorry about double posts, i'm going to let thread die and make a new topic for this since its a different issue original question has been answered.
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