looking for quiet 754 socket cpu cooler

Hi im looking for a replacement heatsink for my cpu that is quiet..i dont care if it doesnt cool my cpu more than the stock one..i just want the noise to stop! lol. But i also dont want one that will perform any worse either. Any info would be helpful. Thnx.
Ps. looking for something $40 or under
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  1. Checkout the reviews of coolers at http://www.silentpcreview.com/

    The Scythe Ninja and the Thermalright HR-01 have the ability to cool passively but I only recommend it if your case has good airflow. The Ninja is hard to find but a revision "B" of it has just been release on 10/2/06 and should enter circulation soon.

    The Scythe Mine would be a great active cooling solution but it will probably be a bit more than $40 (U.S.) after shipping.

    Then there's my favorite, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro which can be had for under $30 (U.S.)[/plug] It's not as quiet as the Scythe Mine, but it's a lot quieter than the stock AMD heatsink.

    Word of caution. All of these heatsinks are quite tall, so check to make sure they'll fit in your case before ordering.

    Read up.
  2. Thanks for the info. Yeah im not really sure if the sound is my cpu or my graphics card..i cant remember..ill open the case later 2nite probably. Do you think it would be safe to run the Scythe Ninja in fanless mode with a stock (754)3400+?
  3. Like I said, running passive depends on how adequate your case's airflow is and I wouldn't plan on overclocking if you're going to run passive either. If there's a case fan directly behind the CPU venting to the outside of the case, then your probably safe. If you have 2 case fans, one up front bringing air into the case plus the one by the CPU venting out, you'll be fine.

    You really need to find out which is louder though. A video card can easily be the loudest component in a PC.
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