Building new system. Need Feedback

I am strongly considering building a new system to replace my aging 4 year old system. So I need some feedback from some of you to help me decide on the path to take. Im in a BUDGET and my primary goal is to overclock the CPU at least 1Ghz over initially. I will be using water as a cooling solution.

Motherboard: DFI Infinity 975X/G
CPU: Intel Core Duo E6300 1.83 Ghz
Ram: OCZ Technology Gold 2GB PC2-5400 DDR2 DIMM Memory Kit (4-4-4-8)
Video: Gigabyte GeForce 7600 GT 256MB
Water Cooling: Thermaltake Big Water 735
PSU: 600 W

I am aware that there are some excellent air cooled solutions but dont hold up once you go beyond a certain point so I decided to go with a water solution. I am hoping that I could take this system beyond 1Ghz overclocking but I wont be disapointed if I dont surpass that line since I am already gaining an excellent price to performance ratio right at that point.

This is my first time using a DFI board and I have to say that the plethora of features in the BIOS alone took me by suprise. I havent been able to find a board with so many options to offer other than this one.

Any good input would be apreciated. Thanks!
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  1. Do not, I repeat, do not get the Big Water. It's crap in all sense of the word crap. I'd recommend the VIGOR GAMING Monsoon II the COOLER MASTER RL-MUA-EBU1 and the Swiftech H20-120 H20-120 instead. Never scrimp on the video card or the water cooling or you will regret it later.
    Otherwise your setup is all fine to me. Have fun with your overclock.

    I prefer the MSI 975X Platinum Socket T to the DFI option but that's just me.
  2. if u want 2 b able 2 oc 1 ghz, u def. need faster ram

    find some ddr2 800 ram at 4-4-4

    also, even if u took the e6300 and brought the bus up to 400mhz, it would be a 7*400, or 2.8ghz cpu

    after that i don't thnk ur ram would b able 2 keep up, but not sure on that part
  3. Do you have a Monsoon II? I was interested in it but I really don't know how well it works. Sounds very cool and high tech as well.
  4. I don't know the exacts of it but my brother just had one shipped from Newegg and it works like a dream or so he says.
    Give me some time and I'll PM you with how it works.
  5. Since for some unknown reason its taking a long time to PM and I think this would be interesting to everyone esle here I'll put what I found in the public forum.

    Thermoelectric cooling is based on the Peltier effect. In brief, the dynamics of the Peltier effect is caused by the way electrons speed up and slow down between two conductive plates or semiconductors. The speed of the electrons are determined by an electrical current as well as the size and characteristics of the semiconductor's used.

    Here we can see an example of the typical configuration of a p- and n- type semiconductor design. The semiconductors are placed between copper conducting plates, separated by ceramic isolators with positive and negative power leads for energizing the thermoelectric process. When energized with an electrical current, the electrons bounce around the p-, n- semiconductors causing an increase and decrease in kinetic energy output which simulates the polarity of resistance causing a hot and cold buffer to discharge between the elements.
    Now we end up with a very cold side and a very hot side, this is the cause and effect of the Peltier process. The water cooling is integrated into this kit to facilitate the cooling of the cold plate while the cold side of the TEC module is doing it's job cooling the CPU. So in effect the thermoelectric module is cooling the CPU and the water coolant in return, cools off the thermoelectric module's cold plate.
    Swiftech includes a massive 226Watts 25A at 12V thermoelectric module which is capable of up to 50°C drop in processor operating temperature.
  6. I took a look at the cooling options suggested and so far I might stick to the Swiftech H20-120. I did come across a Vantec Stingray which does come with North and South Bridge blocks not to mention a VGA block for the same price as the Swiftech. Anybody know if the Vantec Stingray is any good?

    BTW I took a further look at the Swiftech website and I could not find how many amps does the unit actually consume. I am not sure if its same to assume that the 600W PSU that I will be using should cut it.
    Also took a look at that peltier from Swiftech but at $550 dollars it is way too expensive for me right now.
  7. The Vantec Stingray is an excellent option. Quiet, works well, not the best at everything, but all around good. Now if I could find one....
  8. Titan Amanda > Vigor Monsoon...

    But I would just get a Scythe Infinity and add another 120mm fan for a push-pull configuration.

    P5W-DH FTW. Screw MSI or DFI. Asus.

  9. Good Lord man... how expensive is that behemoth?
    Forget that... does it even fit in standard cases?
  10. Taking a look at the armada seems a bit impractical for the mere fact that the pulling 120mm fan would stick too close to the case and not do any good to the air flow unless you take off the accessories bracket that surrounds the rear plug-ins of the motherboard (PS/2, serial, audio jacks, etc) and cut a hole in that same area to make way for better exhaust.

    Not only that it looks massive and might be a bit too heavy depending how is attached to the motherboard itself. It would be awesome if it would be in aligment with the exhaust grill in the back of most cases that have space for a 120mm fan.

    I would go as far as adding a duct to the pushing fan and conect it to the side panel with an additional 120mm fan at the panel itself with a filter to keep it clean. A complete air recirculation solution. 8)
  11. Video: Newegg has the Gigabyte 7600 GT for around $172. That is very high for this video card. Plus, it's only stock speeds of 560 for core and 1400 for memory.

    The XFX 7600 GT would be a much better choice for value as it costs around $142 after MIR and it's automatically OC'd to 590 for core and 1600 for memory.

    If you are looking for the cheapest 7600 GT, then get the eVGA 7600 GT for around $116 after MIR.
  12. Quote:
    if u want 2 b able 2 oc 1 ghz, u def. need faster ram

    find some ddr2 800 ram at 4-4-4

    also, even if u took the e6300 and brought the bus up to 400mhz, it would be a 7*400, or 2.8ghz cpu

    after that i don't thnk ur ram would b able 2 keep up, but not sure on that part
    One can always overclock the rizzam itself, then raise the FSB:RAM speed 1:1 just like always. Here's a good list of DDR2-533 and 667 that overclocks above 800, as well as DDR2-800 that overclocks above 1000. It's dated about 3 months, so the cost of the RAM has doubled since then. :cry:

    If you want a list of parts for a "overclock the e6300 till she can't shit straight" system, this fool includes a short list along with a claim to have doubled the clock. On air cooling.
  13. Yeah that is what I plan to do. Work with the CPU and then tackle the ram until I can get the most and remain stable at the same time. I have good info from some other forums on how to accomplish this step by step. Everywhere that I have looked getting 1 Ghz over the stock frequency is relatively easy if you know what you are doing.

    I will be going with 667Mhz ram either from OCZ or from Corsair whichever is the cheapest offering 4-4-4-12 latencies.
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