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Hello, recently ive been having a few problems with my PC that i built myself.

My current setup is,
Asus p8p67 evo mobo
Intel core i-7 2600 (non k)
G.Skill ripjawX 4x 2gb sticks
powercolor 6870 crossfire
Corsair HX 750w psu
OCZ agility 3 120gb ssd and a WD black for my games and what not

My first problem arose after i exited a game from steam, it didnt happen all the time but id say 90% of the time, i would exit the game and my cpu would drop back down to idle at idle speed, but after about 20 seconds or so, it would rise back to about 20% cpu uutaliazation and its clock speed at 3.4ghz, although nothing was running, it would also make my pc very laggy, i check my procsesses and i couldnt see anything running. Ive also reformatted my drive and the problem is still there, I know a bit about computers but this problem has me stumped. Im thinking about formatting my drive again and starting completly fresh this time and not using any of the files i have already downloaded.

Also im not really sure what sata 6gb/s port to use my ocz agility on. I had it using the marvell controller at 1st, but then i thought that the intel would be better, so i swapped it around today, but now sometimes my system will just hang and be not responsive, Im using AHCI mode... Should i reformat to get it working correctly with the intel controller, any suggestions?

Thanks for your time
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  1. I've no input for your SSD issue, but for Steam check the Processes tab in your Task Manager. It might indicate what's running and causing that issue.
  2. Does the CPU stay at 20% or does it drop down after a little bit? Disable or uninstall your anti-virus just to test things, see if that stops it. About the drive, just put it back to the port you had it on.
  3. Ive checked the processes tab and there is nothing running that would be that cpu demanding.

    It stays there for quite a while, i normally just restart, i should probably let it go and see how long it does this actually, and i will try the anti virus idea, thanks!
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