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Ok this is my first attempt at over clocking wanted to try this with my old computer. I cant figure out how to change the fsb in bios ether im blind our my board wont let me change it soyo k7vta if its the board im I just stuck. O and my proseser is a 1700+
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  1. Is your processor a Sempron or an AthlonXP?
    What speed is your RAM set at?
    Is your board the Pro or the regular Soyo K7VTA?
    Have you tried looking for the voltage settings?
    If your board is the Pro model, you should be able to overclock it.

    First with the K7VTA PRO you have a pair of jumpers to choose either 100 or 133FSB. Once you set the jumpers then you can go in the BIOS to adjust the FSB speed. If you choose 100 then your FSB speed in the BIOS can be adjusted from 100 up to 120FSB, and if you choose 133 then you can adjust from 125 to 166FSB.

    What is highlighted is the jumpers that you use to up the FSB of the board.

    Below that is the black switch case that you use to up the multiplier. There are 4 dip switches that must be set for different multiplier settings. I'd recommend sticking to the BIOS for now.
  2. It’s an Athlonxp
    Pro board
    Volts are 1.5

    Was looking in the wrong spot in bios. I think I see what you change I should change the 133 to 137 and keep working up from there (like it said in the sticky) right. the jumpers were already set to fsb266
  3. Ah I see, have you tried messing with the multipliers?
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