WC: 3/8" or 1/2" L shaped compression/barbs

Anyone know where I can find 3/8" or 1/2" L shaped compression and or barb configuration for the CoolingWorks CoolRad-32T Triple 120mm Radiator

It came with 8mm, but they seem awfull restrictive. They Look REALLY bad...

I cant use streight barbs due to case restrictions.
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  1. YOu know that one of the single worst areas for water flow restriction is the fittings area of a rad - adding another 90 bend is going to compound things. What is it about your rad position that dictates you have to use L bends for fittings?

    Well, here's a German Site, Alphacool, where you can find all manner of 3/8 ID fittings:


    Good luck with finding a compression fitting for 1/2 ID that is "L" shaped (for a G1/4 thread anyways)
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