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I've had this computer for a while now, probably time to overclock it since it doesn't keep up much with my newer system already. Just wondering how far can i overclock this with stock air cooling. default 1.8ghz
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  1. I have an AM2 3000+ and got 2.4ghz pretty easily. I had to stop there because my RAM wouldn't go any higher.... at this point, I started lowering volts, I got it down to 1.3vcore and it is as stable as a rock! Doesn't even hit 40* under full load. If you are scared of using the BIOS, download CPUZ and ClockGen (CPUZ to Monitor your settings and ClockGen to overclock). After you download these 2, get prime95 and set it to do a torture test. While this is running, use clockgen to slowly bump your FSB up. Do about 5mhz at a time and then let prime95 run at that speed for a little bit. Keep going until you see errors or your system becomes unstable, at this point, back off a little and leave it.
  2. Will an increase in around 200-400mhz from default settings be noticable? If it's not so much, probably overclocking's not much of an effort.
  3. I got mine up to 2.1GHz, without pushing the voltage (voltage jumps didn't give me any more stable an o/c). A8N-SLI Deluxe board.
  4. Hi

    I had to sign up to this forum just to post this gread advice to you.

    Get a gigabyte 3d galaxy cooling system for about £85 delivered. (I used Aria)

    On my first attempt (after reading various overclocking guides) I managed to hit 2.6Ghz and after purchasing a better PSU I now run at 2.7GHz with an FSB of 300MHz! (On the cheap ecs NF4 motherboad with Geil Value ram). Dont forget to lower the ram speed (133Mhz for me) and lower the HT multiplyer.

    On sandra it out calculates a stock FX55 and on 3Dmark 06 it gets over 1000 CPU points!!

    I couln't recomend it more.
    I was thinking of upgrading but I think i can wait now.
  5. Lower the HT to 4x
    Set RAM divider to 333
    Disable Q&Q (if U have it)
    Lock the Memory voltage to default, same with VCore.
    Lock all clocks (Pci, PciEx, etc)

    Increase Bus speed to 240 or 250Mhz (+5mhz, test, +5Mhz, test, so on), you should be able to do that. Check if your temps are ok after that.
  6. Problem is I'm not familiar with the bios settings, probably if its through windows i'm still able to do it.
  7. I got mine to over 2.6ghz, as you long as you have a decent mobo for overclocking and know your way around the Bios then it is quite easy to do.

    I had an Nforce 3 motherboard from MSI, what i did was download a modded BIOS's that enabled me to have the hidden options and some extra Ram Dividers available. If you know how to flash your motherboard and there are stable modded BIOS's available for your board then i would suggest looking into that as it can help considerably if you do not have top of the line RAM like me.

    I was able to get the FSB to 290, which was the limit for my RAM and that was with the ram set at 150 instead of 133 or 166 or 200.

    oops guess i should have read your last post - i gather if you are not familiar with the BIOS then flashing it will be out of the question.

    What kind of motherboard and RAM do you have as that will help in telling you what exactly you can expect from the overclock.
  8. I have an msi nforce4 (plain not ultra) mobo and pqi 1gb ram (not dual channel, no money yet, ram's quite expensive these days) What are these ram dividers you're talking about?
  9. Depending on what type of RAM you have, say for example if by default your RAM runs at 400mhz, in the BIOS it will be setup as 200, if you set that value down to 166, or even 133, and slowly increase the FSB then you will get a better overclock than keeping the RAM at 200.

    You will notice that the FSB and the RAM on your machine will probably be setup on 200 to begin with due to the Auto configuration (Assuming it is PC3200 RAM running at 400mhz)

    so increasing the FSB increases the speed at which your RAM runs as well as the CPU. Hence if you are using normal stock PC3200, it will usually reach its maximum at around 425-435mhz, so you lower the RAM inital speed from 200 to 166 to achieve a higher CPU overclock.

    Usually up to 250 FSB you use 166 for your RAM
    Anything above 250 FSB, I would suggest lowering it to 133.

    there are quite a few articles which show how to overclock an AMD3000+ on the net and quite a few of them even show the BIOS settings which will probably help.

    ok this site is in german but the pictures can help in showing you where you should go to lower the RAM clock and also where you increase the FSB.




    oh i forgot to ask is it a 939 cpu and mobo or a AM2 one?
  10. My 600Mhz increase netted me almost 1000 CPU Marks in 3d Mark 05. You RAM plays alot in this too, I can make my score jump up and down from just fiddling with the RAM timings and dividers.

    I run 3d Mark today at stock clock, and then at the overclocked speeds just to give you an idea.
  11. It's socket 939, mentioned in the title. Anyway, I was able to access the bios features already but im stunned, i don't know what the values meant hahaha. Well, i guess now's the perfect time to learn.
  12. lol .. just goes to show i don't read..:) anyway the links i provided should help you in figuring out the BIOS and there are a few articles on how to overclock your CPU in there as well, just bear in mind that you might not achieve the same results, but i would say with the motherboard you have you should be able to get 2.5ghz without much problem.

    Also one thing you must know on your motherboard is the CMOS jumper which clears the BIOS settings in case you make a mistake and the PC does not boot up. read your motherboard manual to ensure which jumper it is and how you clear it on your motherboard, usually with MSI it is a matter of simply removing the little plastic connector for a few seconds with the power completely off, ie, with the power switch in the back of the PSU switched off, and then placing the little plastic connector back into the same position as before.... and hey presto after switching the machine back on, the CMOS/BIOS will be cleared...:)
  13. Anyway, I've fiddled around with clockgen and cpuz, and i was able to raise my fsb to around 225. So 225x9 = 2025mhz. Prime95 reports it to be stable but when i had to restart it, my settings suddenly went back to the original 1.8ghz fsb @ 200 hahaha.

    Should i fiddle around with memory frequency too at the bios settings? Is it necessary to change the memory frequencies?
  14. If you do it in the BIOS then it will always be set to what you overclocked it too, i generally stay away from Windows based overclocking packages as they can be too tempermental for my tastes.
  15. My A64 3000 originally ran at 1.8 and now runs at 2.5 with an FSB of 278 and a divider of 1/14 (Asrock board with a weird setup).
    Stock voltage of 1.45
    Standard cooler
    Generic CAS 3 DDR400 now running at CAS2.5 with a command rate of 1T in the 300's.
    Remember to lock the PCI-E or AGP slot
    Max temp was 45 with ambient in the upper 20's.
    Currently running around 32C
    I just followed the guide i found here in other words READ THIS.


    Based on the other Venice chips 2.5G equals approx A64 3900 - 4000.
    These chips are outstanding, as others have said, with better components you will get further 2.6, 2.7 2.8, i am more than happy with where i am now.
    Huge increase in performance with really good low temperatures.

    Enjoy :D
  16. click options and select load settings at startup, then it will save it. My BIOS won't let me go past 250mhz FSB, but by using clockgen alongside, I was able to get 258mhz.
  17. Nevermind this, I've finally found it. Thank you all for spending some time helping me figure this out hahaha.
  18. I got mine 3000+ to 2600MHz with stock cooler

    HTT is 4x
    FSB 289
    memory divider (on DFI) 3/4 = 150
    CPU Voltage 1,475
    memory voltage 2,8

    and it is working really stable tested it with OCCT and prime and temperature is not going over 45 even on full load.......
  19. I wish my MOBO would let me change my HTT multiplier, or at least let me up the CPU multiplier. I actually had it hitting 2.3Ghz at 1.312 volts. I thought that was impressive. My RAM is doing sweet though, since my MOBO won't let me change vdimm its locked at 1.8 and this RAM is very flexable to be at such low voltage.

    I have read about people getting 2.9 and 3.0 with 1.5 volts on air.
  20. be shure you have some good collage on top of that cpu.
  21. I did a 16% overclock (CPU benchmarks show the 16% too)
    Using default heatsink/fan.

    Venice 3000+ with Asus a8v deluxe.
    multiplier at 9x
    fsb at 240Mhz
    ram ratio at 5:3 (to oc ram back up to 400Mhz)
    vcore changed from 1.40v to 1.45v
    locked agp/pci to 66/33mhz

    Just as stable as normal, I don't notice any temp difference with Speed fan.
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