HELP!! Regarding Raid0 And Ez-Backup On Asus P5W Deluxe

Hi everyone.
I did a stupid mistake when i installed my computer. I decided to try out a Raid0 setup since i bought 2 identical discs and the P5W has a nice controller built into it. I dont own a floppy station and i was stressed at the time so i decided to install the drives on the 2 ez backup ports. Kinda stupid when thoose ports are both connected to the Sata2 port. (thanks Asus for mentioning that). Almost a 50% performance loss. Kinda destroys the point of runing a Raid0. Anyway now to my question, is there a possibilty to move the Raid Array from the ez backup ports to the normal Sata ports and run it on the Intel ICH WITHOUT reformating the drives. Would be sweet since it feels kinda rough having to reformat everything again now when everything is installed and finalized.

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  1. It can be done, but you'll need another hard drive to temporarily store the Windows partition during the move, and a partition copy utility.

    See the Hard Disk forum, and look at the sticky entitled "FAQ: Switching Storage Controllers Without Reinstalling Windows".
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