Complicated Idea for Boot Camp etc... Will it work?

I'll get straight to it.

2011 27" Imac with 2TB HDD - i7-2600K - 16gb ram - Radeon 6970m 2gb

Running Server 2008r2 on Boot Camp. Runs prefect.

When using Wii emulator solo, it runs perfect.
Some games on 2 player lag.
Most games on 3 player lag.
I want to kill this lag.

My soultion?

My idea.
Use 2nd SATA port to install an SSD. Put a fresh copy of Windows on that SSD. Transfer my emulators content to the SSD.

My question.
Will that OS install go smoothly like with Boot Camp? Or will I run into problems. Or is it even possible on apply MB...

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  1. I wouldn't have thought that dosk speed was the cause of the lag, but who knows. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy a Wii?
  2. I do not think the hard drive speed has any thing to do what so ever with the lag you have are having with the Wii Emulator. I run Dolphin on my system and I have had 4 players each with there own real WiiMote connected and running on my PC with no lag at all. All emulators and games are on a standard SATA II hard drive.
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