6800GS Problems

AXP 3000+ @ 2.3
1024 ram
6800gs AGP (stock)
Epox 8rda3+pro

So here is the deal, when I exit out of a game, any game, & it's going back to the desktop, I get the mouse cursor & a black screen. Now its kinds funny..
I can find the taskbar with the cursor, but cant see it. Even if I wait a good amount of time the screen wont come back.

I have tested my psu with a multimeter & it is rock solid. Ran memtest, ok. Put my system back to bone stock & tried it, got the black screen w/the mouse cursor again. Put my desktop resolution & game resolution to the same 1024 X 768. still the same.....

I have no idea what is causing this, but to get back to my desktop, I have to restart.

If anyone has any ideas, please share, as I am lost on this one.

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  1. Anyone???? Ideas???
  2. PLEASE HELP, I am lost.!!!!
  3. might have a loading problem

    my BEST suggestion

    or check your hard drive or both :D
  4. i belive it is the drivers i one had this type of probelm and its cus i changed something with the drivers i dont remember what exactly and i had to go on a black screen and search for the DEFUALT button hahah it was funny cus in the end i got it
    but i would reinstall your drivers
  5. I think is a SW problem too. I’ve had games do that from time to time and I think it’s the game itself or XP/Driver issues. Might even be sound card driver problems, try disabling your sound card and see what happens. Also make sure your using the latest DX (9.3?)
  6. I have deleted & reinstalled the drivers. This is on a fresh install of XP. I am using onboard sound. It was fine for 2 weeks, then out of the blue it started doing this.....
  7. Update your drivers to 91.47 if you haven't already done so.
  8. An old Technician adage; when something stops working, look back at the last thing you changed and change it back.
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