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i currently have a printers shared over a network on a windows xp computer. i am connecting to both xp and 7 over a network. each time i restart my win 7 computer i have to reconnect to the sharer to be able to print.
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  1. Please try this:

    Open up the command prompt in Windows 7 (do a run as administrator).

    Type the following:

    NET USE [LPTx:] \\ComputerName\printer_share /PERSISTENT:YES

    If that doesnt help you could probably write up a batch file so it runs on restart. To do this open up a Text document and type the above command in the text file. Once done, save it, and rename it to whatever you'd like with the last 3 characters as bat

    for example : Printer.bat

    Once done place the batch file in your startup directory.

    Let us know if this works.
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