Everest Ultimate...does it do the trick?

Hi there,
I was looking at the Everest Ultimate program available...and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it. I currently use CPU-Z, memtest, Prime95, etc..all that stuff. But everyone always says take those readings with a grain of salt because they're not totally accurate. Well, I was wondering if Everest IS totally accurate? It comes with some benchmarking and stability testing tools...are these as good as dual Prime95'ing it? I also see it has temps for gpu, gpu memory, the on die and off-die temps for the cpu, etc...Can anyone voice these temp readings are totally correct? I'm thinking about buying it tonight and just want to hear if anyone else has thoughts on it. Thanks!

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  1. i have it myself and i am very pleased with it
    it displays cpu,mobo,... temps on the windows bar when the program is booted
    it also gives A LOT OF detailed info of your computer (like the size of your mobo 8O ) and always with links to driver sites (if you have common brands)

    if you can get it free or for a low price, get it
    otherwise just use the free version of sysoft sandra
  2. Ha its a good thing I didn't buy it outright...I downloaded the trial and first thing it said was (not word for word) "Warning, your motherboard model is not fully supported by Everest." I don't know if thats cuz of the trial or what. Either way, I hope they are right because my voltages coming off the PSU are wacky. So wacky that if they were accurate, I don't think my comp would be stable like it is.
  3. Do I just unplug all the molex connectors then fire up the psu and measure?
    Here's what Everest reads...I'm not sure if this right by teh way cuz its still the trial...

    Core 1.34v (which is correct)
    +2.5v = 1.92
    +3.3v = 3.34
    +5v = 4.87
    +5v standby = 5.05
    VBat Battery = 3.31

    To be honest I don't know what 2.5v is for??? Is it floppy? If so I don't have a floppy connected so maybe it explains the low volts? I'm gonna go check these in BIOS now
  4. Agh, I just checked in BIOS and all it says for the voltages is "OK!" So...I guess that means its OK? I don't really have any lockups...except for one game Battlefield 2 likes to kick me out once, then once I reboot it works for hours. Don't ask me whats up with that.
  5. I see I see, well...Easytune reports my 12v being very very close (I can't remember cuz I'm at work) but its something like 11.97v or there abouts. I believe that's good, and if its off by more than .1v then that'd be bad.
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