PLEASE fix the slowdowns

Add another server, increase the bandwidth, I don't care! Please fix these horrid slowdowns. They're maddening!!!!
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  1. yes it is getting a bit tedious.
  2. It was stupid yesterday. Minutes just to load one thread. It does get on your tits somewhat.
  3. This is bloody insane.

    I mean, I'm used to slow(ish) service, even on a broadband line, thanks to living in what amounts to the arsehole of nowhere, but this is ridiculous!
  4. I've PM's steve_sa about this problem. I see people complaining/reporting this slowdown all over the forums.

    I've checked other PC/Hardware forums and they are fine - it seems to be with THG ... 8O
  5. Yeah its bad, its usually taking 10-20 seconds for me to open a page now or post.

    It definately needs a new server or some of the old material deleting and the system defragging. Running like a dog!!
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