6600 overclocking idle hightemps?

I followed Wusy's guide but I'm still experiancing idle temps of 44c at 3.18 MHz in Core Temp. Could it be my power supply? If not what else could it be. I also installed the Scythe with the stock thermal paste provided and I did not lap and polish the base. I like to make to 3.6 MHz

P5w dh
Core duo 6600
corsair 6400
Scythe Infinity
Antec Sonata II case
Antec 450 watt smart power 2.0
Nvidia Quaddro 3450
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  1. did you spread the paste like how artic silver says to on their site? thats the best way to go.

    i think your temperatures are probably kind of high because at 3ghz for me (with the same motherboard and cpu) i idle at 37-39, but i am using the stock intel cpu fan which everyone says sucks...so?

    EDIT: played with my settings in the bios a little bit more, now i'm running 35 C idle without speed step (full 3ghz at idle) so
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