DFI vs. EPoX S939

EPoX EP-9NPA3Ultra $75


DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D $100

What would I get for the extra $25 here? From what I hear, the EPoX is a great motherboard.
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  1. I have the DFI LAN Party 250Gb MB, I like it.

    I slapped everything on the first time. 1GB Ram, 256MB Video, 2 DVD+R Writers, 1 SATA WD Raptor 35 GB 10,000RPM, 1 Seagate 400GB IDE ($109.00 at Fry's), 1 modem, 1 floppy. It booted the first time with no error or issue. I installed my Windows XP Pro SP1, DFI MB software disc, Office Suite, Adobe PS CS2, Adobe Premiere 1.5, etc....

    Everything works flawless. 8)
  2. Well, no one spoke up either way, so I ordereed the EPoX board on Monday. Now I am wondering if there will be space issues. I seems small and compact for an overclocking board.

    Now I am looking at the EPoX EP-9NPAJ SLI for $92.99 with free shipping. Even if I do not use SLI, I could mount the video card on the top slot and give some more breathing room for my pci cards. Damn, I want to build this thing this weekend. Talk me out of sending the EPoX EP-9NPA3ULTRA back.
  3. Good luck Titanion. You should have good overclocking results with that board. For the money, you get a lot of performance from EPoX. I hope they keep it up and come out with a C2D board with the same price/perf. ratio.
  4. I think I am going with the DFI Ultra-D for the following reasons.

    1. The fact that the board has two PCIe slots means that I can mount my video card in the top position and create better airflow. The card will also then be centered on my 120mm fan on the side of my case.

    2. I like the idea of having my motherboard screwed in on all corners of the board, especially when adding and removing cables, etc. The EPox board is a little shorter and does not have as many screw holes.

    3. Onboard firewire. Although I have an old PCI firerwire card, I would have no room to mount it on the EPoX board. I will need one PCI slot for my modem and perhaps another for sound, unless the onboard sound works out. And if two PCI slots were filled, the cards would be very close to the video card.

    Is that worth the extra $25? Maybe, but peace of mind is priceless. :)
  5. The DFI board should provide you with plenty of overclocking headroom as well. One of the reasons I didn't go with the EPoX was the lack of Firewire too. I really wanted the DFI, but I couldn't afford it when it was time to buy. Good luck with it.

    BTW, you can turn the ultra D, into an SLI. It is an SLI, just with the special "Core Logic" pins not connected.

    Not to mention the high overclockability.

    And..... well i could go on for days...... you get the point.
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