S939 overclocking and ram settings?

Can someoneplease explain how people are overclocking these new CPUs. FSB goes up, ram is locked, or what is the deal? I have read accounts of people having to lower PC3200 ram to 166 bus speeds, etc. This leaves me very confused. I have done lots of overclocking with older Athlon systems, but this seems strange to me.

I am researching overclocking either a S939 3800+ or 4200+ X2 Manchester (they are only like $6 apart at newegg now, so not sure which CPU to get) with 2x1GB XMS Corsair PC3200 ram on either a DFI or EPoX motherboard.
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  1. i have the 939 3700 sandycore also singlecore
    if i raise the fsb it will raise the memory too
    so i lock it or drop it some and check with cpu-z

    also dont know if you know but disable cool and quite
    if it is on.
  2. also the memory you are getting is good
    i have had my 3700 to 2730mhz with two corsairxms 512s
    but could only get 2630mhz with 4 of the same memory
    it forces 2t timimg instead of 1t timimg
  3. I have the ram already, from my current computer, but not the cpu/motherboard.

    OK. I assumed that I could lock the ram at 200 bus speed and increase the CPU quite a bit, to near 250 fsb or so, but there have just been some posts that have confused me about the way the divider works. If it is that simple, then awsome, but I suspect it is not quite so easy.
  4. well if you drop the memory speed then raise the fsb it will raise the
    memory back up a litlle too.

    btw i dont do video encoding or anything like that.
    i game and browse the enternet.

    even after ocing i could not see any diff. from stock that is

    but when i added another 2 512 sticks of memory
    huge diff. in almost evrything
  5. This is the kind of post I am attempting to figure out:

    Quote: "So far I've gotten mine to 2.65Ghz at 242X11. HTT is at 4X. Voltage is 1.4 for cpu and 2.17 for ram. Ram is at 4-4-4-10-15. I'm kinda stuck at this as I don't know what to do nextt o increase the speed. Won't do 244X11 without crashing. Upping both voltage doesn't help. I'm not sure if I should drop the HTT to 3X or not. FSB is at 677, at 800 it will only run at 5-5-5-15-25.

    AMD X2 4200+ AM2
    DFI NF590 SLI-M2R/G AM2
    eVGA 7950GX2
    OCZ Platinum 2G PC2 6400
    2 Western Digital Caviar RE WD2500YD 250GB Raid 0
    OCZ 700GXSSLI 700W
    LIAN LI PC-7B plus II
    Logitech MX518
    ViewSonic VA912b 19"


    Please note that the above is not my rig and just a sample post I used as an example while I was attempting to figure out the whole HTT thing; I have a much better idea now than I did when I posted this from another site. But I am just starting to get it.
  6. The above post about the 3X was from a forum I came across while looking up S939 3800+ overclocking.

    This whole Hyper Threading Technology HTT thing is new to me.
  7. Currently reading this URL:


    It seems like a goood one. Is there a post on Tom's like this one.... I feel like a traitor! :)
  8. For socket 939, get A8N32-SLI (overclocks very good)
    CPU X2 4400+ (for the 1Mb cache per core).
    Decent DDR (Corsair or OCZ).

    You should reach 2.6Ghz (FX-60 performance)
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