Water Cooling List, Need revision

Hey everyone!
I'm new here as you know, so I'd just like to say hi.
Ok, I recently bought this computer in my sig.
I'd like to overclock the heck out of it. Right now my idle temps are about 40c.
I was thinking of two ways to do this, a cheaper one and an all out.

All out.
Strom rev.2
Thermochill pa 120.3
D5 pump
Maze4 gpu
7/16 tygon tubing
Rad Box

Question 1 on the radbox: would I be able to mount the thermochill outside of my case? Say, have it mounted to the second fan so that it would fit?

apogee/md05 not sure which
bix II
D5 pump
Maze4 gpu
1/2 tygon
Rad Box

I'm leaning towards the more expensive one, I think the temps should be about 4-5c different due to the better block and rad.
I figure if I would spend that much, why not go for the extra but I want to get some more insight before I make any purchases.
Thanks everyone.
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  1. Technically, you could use the radbox to mount the Thermochill rad on any one of the three 120mm fans (depending on it's orientation of course). Don't forget the shrouds either. One thing you could consider down the road (if you are limited from adding any other rads to your cooling solution) is a "push-pull" configuration on your rad - having fans on both sides of the rad, one pushing air and one pulling air in tandem. Both rads in your examples are dual-pass so make sure to have decent fans with good cfm. Also, since you are going to be using the maze4 GPU water block don't forget ramsinks for the video memory.
  2. This push pull sounds like a good idea.
    Do you have any recommendations on which fans?
    I was thinking the low loons would be good, not too loud but decent cfm.
    I would like to be able to run to rad's eventually but I don't know where I would be able to put the 2nd one.

    Would you recommend a different GPU water block?
    Also, I assume that you mean the swiftech ramsinks? Not sure, either ones should work fine.
    Shrouds, got it.
    I also forgot to mention I am kind of looking for the best of both worlds. I want to be able to overclock well, and have (close to) silence.
    Thanks for your quick reply.
  3. What cpu are you cooling and how much are you planning to overclock? If your cpu does not produce that much heat then an Apogee would be good enough. As for them fans use low-rpm fans. I have thermaltake fans along with Silverstone with push and pull setup you don't need to have a powerful fans. You can use low rpm low noise fans for your radiator.
  4. Chuckshissle made a good recommendation. Apogees have low flow restriction characteristics with an excellent cooling reputation. Storms are considered one of the best CPU water blocks made but is classified an "impingement" block in that its cooling mechanism is based on more restrictive methods. It is always recommended that if you choose this block that you have a good pump (which you have).

    I'll tell you something that I use as an aid for somehting like fan selection. I go to Newegg. They have a very in depth selection process whereby you can use such search criteria as decibel level, cfm, rpm, etc. It'll put out a list of items based on whatever aspects you select. Even if you don't do business with them, it'll give you some kind of guideline. For my two dual 120mm rads I just went down to Microcenter and picked up 8 coolermaster 120mm fans and they work fine for me - silent, good cfm. I've also got some Panflo 120mm fans that I used to use. They move an insane amount of air and worked real well with my rads but my computer sounded like a 747 and I opted for the lower cfm, more quiet fans.

    Even if, at the moment, you may not see another way to run an additional rad down the road that doesn't mean it can't be done. That's where modding comes into play. I've got a Coolermaster Stacker case. While it is rather large there are still limitations. I've got two dual 120mm rads running externally - one in the back and one on top. I had to mod the top of my case to allow for this. If you decide that you want to run additional rads down the road, then all you may have to do is some modding.

    As for ramsinks - any BGA ramsinks would do - Swiftech, Thermaltake, etc. Just be mindful that you may have to shave down one or two of them if the GPU waterblock hangs over any of the video memory. Now if you really want to try something radical, Swiftech, recently, came out with a pure video memory water block. It's unique and I haven't had a chance to try it yet but, I intend to.
  5. Whoops, my sig wasn't on.
    I want to OC as much as possible. I suppose my goal is over 3.2 (400fsb)
    I'd like my temps to be under 55 in full load, not sure if that is feasible.
    Sounds like the apogee would be good enough, and I could save the money to go towards something else.
  6. Yes, you can save money buying low-cost high effeciency water cooling parts.
    I see you got the E6400 already, that's fine. With an Apogee block, MCP655 pump and dual-120mm rad on 1/2" tubing you would be able to do high overclocking and without the temps going over 50c. I know this, I have a hot damn 840 cpu with 1.45vcore 3.9Ghz with temps not going over 40c, that is when my room is cool. Your E6400 should run cooler with that water cooling setup.
  7. Well I've been trying to clock my fsb to 400, but it's completely unstable, even if the voltage is over 1.4. Currently running at 3.0 and idles at 40c.
    I've decided to skip on the gpu cooler since I plan on getting the r600 in a few months and i'm sure it will have a different placement of screws.
    Now I am just not sure the best way to mount the rad.
    I'm thinking about macgyvering it to the top, or even removing the top of the case, but I'd prefer not to mod it if possible.
    Maybe I could use the radbox on the middle fan, and then punch out a few pci covers to run the tubing inside while having 1 fan stick out above the top of my case.
    Any advise on the loop?

    I think pump>cpu>rad>pump would be best?
  8. Can you: a) mount it through the second fan with a radbox? b) drill holes somewhere in the back of the case for the tubing to pass through?

    You know, you'd do fine just getting the dual 120mm Black Ice Xtreme. You'd still get excellent heat exchange and it might give you better (or easier) options for mounting.
  9. cooltechnical mp-05 w/ a ddc+ and alphacool top runs circles around D5 and apogee.
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