7.1 Gigaworks review by Nooh Saleh



still under construction will let you know as soon as I finish

here is a little taster
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  1. What will you compare these to?
  2. I have some old ones which I bought for £28 and the newv ones are tem times the price :D

    Not really going to do a compare unless you want me to , I have loads of little reviews planned. Hopefully see 1 everyday for the next 10 days.


    here it is , it has loads of big pics , there is still about 10 I have to upload but looking at the 120 hits I thought I should let therm see it now.:)
  3. Do you have any sound measureing equipment? Give us some technical specifications such as crossover between the statalites and the subwoofer, Driver sizes... Take apart one of the sats and give us a look inside of one. Same for the subwoofer.

    The pics in the link are nice. What guage wire? Are you going to use them in a real 7.1 setup? How do they sound in 5.1? How about various instruments?
  4. I wish I could do all these things. All in good time I am just starting this as a litlle hobby and something I can use as my CV when looking for a job, I have had good hits I have to say.

    The first review I di have got about 500 hits in the last 5 days

    that site is no more , so we moved to this site

    , also I am only fishing guys from a few forums and this being one of them , even with the few forums the response is good and I am happy .The new one of the 7.1 is also looking , I have loads more in the pipeline.

    Also I wanted to help my new freind out day187 who is such a nice chap

    But yeah if I carry on with the review thing then I will invest into tool which will help me with my reviews. :)
  5. Thankyou guys at tomsharware for this , this is a hobby thing I am doing , not making no money for it but like I said a second ago you are great.

    The pics I have taken are huge and look good when they are huge
  6. Quote:
    What will you compare these to?

    This is very good advice. It's a bit hard to judge speakers by itself, because oftentimes you will adjust to the sound (your standards will). Being able to compare it to a reference setup will help you stay honest, as judging in a vacuum can come to some strange results (just look at any magazine ads, sometimes their ratings look very arbitrary).
  7. I have some real chepo ones but I cant really compare it with them.

    They are very heavy and really do do justice to the overall price.

    The sub woofer is so heavy and makes the whole floor move. Creative have a cheaper version too but like these are aimed at the higher range and does fit the job decription.
  8. This is a good effort, but that doesnt realy tell us much about the actual performance of the system.
  9. hopefully make the future ones with this in mind.
  10. Good plan 8)
  11. thankyou
  12. Nooh,

    If you have any spare cash, I would recommend you buy another 5.1 set (or a 2.1 set that has the same satellites as said 5.1 set) and compare that with your Gigaworks setup. This way you can gain a perspective of your review. (After all, you can return the other pair of speakers when you are done for a full refund). Just a suggestion if you want to make an indepth analysis.

  13. I have another 5.1's but they real cheap type
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