Antec TP3 550 PS, eVGA 7900GTX and WD Raptor 150GB

Will the Antec TP3 550 PS adequately handle 1 eVGA 7900GTX, the WD Raptor 150GB and the ASUS P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe board? Thanks all!
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  1. Considering that is way less than 550W I would say yes.
  2. mpilchfamily....I did some research (like I should have done in the frist place). Take a closer look at the Antec TP3-550; it has 3 +12V Rails each of which generates 18 amps. The amps requirement according to eVGA for the 7900GTX is 22 amps (34 amps in SLI Mode). This is why I still have a concern about the PS abiltiy to do the job! The tech at Mwave who build this system (I haven't received it yet) recommeded the Antec TP3-550 and was fully aware of, and installed the other componets i.e., LG DVD Burner and WD Raptor 150 on the ASUS P5N32 SLI SE Deluxe (w/E6700 CPU)...add two 120mm Fans and a Neon Light put it all in an Antec Case...and that's the complete system! Having this info what do you think about the PS ability to do the job? Also, I have a Kingwin Aquastar 3000 Liquid Cooler that I plan to install to cool the CPU/GPU. Given the above and in your opinion, do you still believe the Antec TP3-550 will do the job? Anyone else out there who has an opinion....I would appreciate hearing it. Thanks mpilchfamily and thanks all!

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  3. I fully understand your comments but what about my question...will, in your opinion, the Antec TP3-550 do the job given the system info I provided?
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