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Hi All
I have browsing this and other sites to try and decide which AGP Graphics card to buy and have been helped greatly by your reviews and comments but you might be able to do me one more service;

I am on the verge of ordering a GeForce 7600GS 512Mb for £90 (sorry don't know what that would equate to in USD) but the make is listed as Twintech & I have neither heard of them or been able to find any info.

Can anybody PLEASE let me know if they know anything about them!!

Thnaks in advance

:) :) :) :)
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  1. Generic clone board manufacturer. Probably won't be any different from the nVidia reference design.

    It's got a 1 year warranty, I assume, don't expect it to last much longer and don't worry about it.

    Actually, why are you paying so much for this card?

    First off you don't need 512Mb memory, it's way overkill on this card.

    2nd, why are you getting a GS when you can get a GT for the same money?

    GT will outperform the GS.
  2. Hi
    I appreciate the prompt response, BTW :D The two reasons that I am paying so much is a combination of having to get an AGP card as my MOBO was replaced recently and has "everything I could EVER NEED" (apart from PCI-E slot) and living in the UK which means we pay through the nose for everthing anyway (an to be honest I don't trust buying somthing like this from somewhere I can't complain to in person).

    The above not withstanding if you know where I can buy a 7600 GT AGP card please let me know before I make a mistake.

  3. That link was posted from Froogle after I searched for "7600GT AGP" - so bah! They got it wrong ;)

    OK, if you're going for a 7600GS, don't bother with a 512Mb version, go for something like;
  4. HI mkaibear,
    As you can tell I am not very up on latest Graphics tech, which is not a good admission from a VB programmer but that's just the way it is!!

    I only have 256 Mb in my PC at the moment as that is the next thing I will be buying but I just thought with a budget of £100 the more RAM the better I also thought that having 512mb might make up for the fact that it is only DDR2 RAM.

    What I really wanted was the BFG 7600GS 512 OC but it was a bit beyond my budget @ the moment and due to the fact that I currently have a Geforce 4 MX440 SE, I cannot buy many games which will run so I can't wait it out.

    Thanks again for your help. :D :D

  5. >RAM

    Nah, you need to upgrade the RAM in your machine (I'd suggest a gigabyte, at least).

    Stick with the 256Mb version of the graphics card.
  6. Hi
    I want to thank everyone who advised me on this, and even the ones who decline to post anything which would have confused the issue.

    I Ended up buying the Sparkle GeForce 7600GS 512 AGP card as I couldn't get a 256mb and 512mb of ram for the £100 I had allowed myself, I will revisit the RAM Issue later this year (or next)

    two points that may help myself and others.

    1. although I had spotted a good value card via Pixmania by the time they had added the Interesting insurance which seems to cover your statutary rights!! WTF!!! & their Loyalty Card which give you free postage next time!!, it was more expensive than Computer orBIT Commerce Centre which is where I eventually bought the card an they gave excellent service. Here is their link if anyone is interested

    2. I tried initially to install 84.63_forceware_mobile_winxp2k_international_whql.exe
    but was greeted by a message stating that no appropriate hardware was detected. so I installed the software which came with the card & tried again with the same message. If anyone knows how to get the latest drivers for this card I would appreciate their help.

    Thanks Again All Concerned
  7. its not a mobile chip, hence the mobile drivers don't work, use the nvidia website and dwonload the latest non mobile drivers...
  8. I did notice the mobile in the file name, so I tried an older version that I downloaded a while ago without the mobile in the file name and had the same response but that was before installing the Sparkle driver disc.

    Thanks for you advice though.

  9. Hi All
    I am still having fun & games with the Drivers for the 7600GS have got RivaTuner20RC16 but can't for the life of me figure out how to overclock the board. Tried 92.91_forceware_winxp2k_english_beta.exe but is incredible slow even though I have now Purchased 512Mb of PC3200.

    Have also tried nvodngov19291.exe, these are superb but don't appear to offer any way of overclocking it.

    nvidia_wxp_omega_16693_7z.exe didn't seem to work @ all.

    Anybody got any good advice on Drivers. :)

    Please. :wink: :wink: :wink:
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