Core 2 Duo w stock HSF too hot!?

I just put together my new computer and right off the bat the cpu is blazeing hot. It will idle 75-83C. That can't be correct can it? Perhaps the thermometer on the mobo is wacked or maybe I should reseat the HSF? Everything is stock - no 3rd party HSF and it isn't overclocked. Never even bothered to close my case up yet, room temp around 78F~72F

MB ASUS P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP P965 775
2 gigs of DDR800

Any advice?
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  1. Hmm yeah that can't be right. If it were me I'd re-seat the HSF just so I knew that wasn't the problem and it rules one thing out. I'm sure people are going to tell you to get a laser/infared temperature gauge or whatever to test it yourself, so thats another thing you could do I guess (I'd probably be too lazy to do that). You're sure you're reading Celcius not Farenheit right? :-)
  2. That doesn't sound right, did you apply the thermal paste properly, not too much right or too little...
  3. Im positive its Celcius not Farenheit. I actually switched between C and F on the mobo monitor just to make sure I wasent seeing something that actually was not true. So, its Celcius. I also was expecting that the heat sink would be a little hotter to the touch but it isn't as hot as my old Athlon setup perhaps somewhere along the line heat isn't being transferred correctly.
  4. what are you using to measure the temps.

    Use this thread to find the right tools, but check HSf seating first, it is a common problem.

    core 2 duo temp checking
  5. The thermal paste on a stock HSF is actually already on the bottom of the heatsink. I noticed that when I was putting the HSF on the first time, that I saw the thermal paste on the top of the cpu. Perhaps to be safe it may be a good idea to take the HSF off, the cpu out - wipe the thermal paste off the top...go buy some 3rd party stuff and drop it all back in.
  6. Try touching the heatsink fan and at 75-83c it should be got to the hot. If so then it's a confirm that it's hot and so you need to be looking at after market coolers. If the hsf is not hot then there's no suffecient contact between the cpu and the HSF, reapply thin layer of thermal compound. Do the center squeeze method, what you do is place a small amound of thermal paste in the center of the cpu. Don't put too much or too little, you need to estimate it, as for me about the size of the small black pepper seed. The place the heatsink fan on it and squeeze and twist the heatsink fan against the cpu with the paste in between and at the same time put a downward pressure to the cpu. Fastened heatsink fan to mount. Check temps.
  7. Got it. Took about 10 tries and finally snap - HSF reseated. Temps went down to 40C.
  8. 8O . o O (10 tries, eh?)

    I have a quick question for ya, on the 775 socket stock HSF.

    The fastener caps:

    When you redid (took off the HSF) your installation, did you remember to turn all 4 fastener caps 90 degrees opposite of the arrow? (by turning the fasteners in accordance of the arrow loosen or unlocks it)

    Just wondering how many people are missing certain steps in order to reinstall it correctly.

    This was a video someone found, which I thought was good info:

    Intel Cpu Install

    Also, some manuals I've read say to pop in the pins 2 at a time diagonally, if I remember right. But the video shows that you put light pressure on the center of the HSF, while locking in the fasteners one at a time.

    Just wondered what you did.
  9. Well what was happeing was that my board was flexing downward too much each time I pushed down on a corner (one specifically..) it would never snap down.

    The Asus manual recomended pushing the pins in diagonally. That really didn't work for my situation, I ended up getting all 4 to pop when I pushed 2 on each side at a time. *shrug*
  10. We should make a sticky for LGA775 installation!

    I prefer putting the heatsink while the mobo is out of the case, that way you can look at the back of the motherboard ot make sur the 4 black tips are all level, that ensure that the HSF is properly faster...
  11. Another thing that I found interesting. I was very concerned about the heat...HOWEVER:

    My system was 100% stable running at 80C! That was crazy hot. Now it runs at 40C. I guess that goes to show the OC ability of this chip.
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