Ds3 Problems

Ok i got my rig about a week ago, everything was running stable and i was using a seagate sata drive, installed xp as ide i believe, it was coming up in bios everything was fine. Decided i wanted to add another fan into the case and as im doing this and i turn it on, my hdd fry's like smoke is coming up..........
I go get another drive and now i cant get it to see a sata drive PERIOD. ive messed with settings everything i dont know what else to do, i changed sata cable, power cable to the drives, used a new modular cable, and new spot on the psu. ive tried all the sata spots on the mobo. i need more than one drive in my rig this is ridiculous are the sata porst fried?
So now i have an ide hdd, and a dvd burner but thats it. and i would really like more does anyone have anysuggestions??

also im only clocked at 2.56 8x320 i believe how can i bring my temps down, core temp reads 49 idle 55-56 load. but bios always reads it at around 35. so anything? its a full atx, with 3 120mm fans, and has the big typhoon on it.

e6400 @ 2.56
2x1gb corsair 6400c4
evga 7900gs
corsair 520 psu
audigy 2 zs
thermaltake big typhoon
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  1. You could try one of these puppies http://www.aria.co.uk/ProductInfoComm.asp?ID=7730

    it should do the trick and is a lot cheaper than a new mobo :lol:
  2. yes thats a very big possibility, would i be able to install and OS on it though? i would doubt it, but as long as i can at least get some more storage ill be happier

    no other thoughts though?
  3. you may have to install the OS on the IDE drive and then run the SATA drives from the PCI cards and just use them for storage, as for your CPU temp issues I don't have any experience with C2D but that does seem rather high to me, you could try reseating the heatsink with a fresh layer of thermal grease, it may help.
  4. i also have a DS3 and it was a punk with SATA HDD's.

    you said that you went and got another SATA drive but the mobo wont see it. by any chance did you mount the drive first? i had to ghost my SATA drive on another computer before i could boot into and set up windows. just a thought, but you may have fried all your sata ports onboard.
  5. was this even b4 bios would recognize it htough? because it would at first, then the hdd fryed, and the other one wont even come up in bios, but i have a sata-usb on the way will be here today im gong to make sure the drive works, and then ill just assume the onboard sata went bad or somthing
  6. I could be wrong but there are 6 SATA slots in the DS3 and supposedly you can only use the 2 purple ones to start up w/o installing the driver for the othe ones (forgot what colour and im lazy and not going to open my case). Did you install the drivers for the other SATA ports? When you said smoke, you meant the HD went in smoke and not the mobo right?
  7. and by the way did you try plugging the fan in without turning the computer off?

    and yes, the bios would not recognize the HDD until i ghosted it, but i did have it plugged into the yellow SATA ports, not the purple ones, so that may be the explanation.

    also theres a pretty good chance you fried all SATA ports when your HDD went up in smoke.
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