Anyone know how to O/C an nVIDIA card in Vista?

I have added Vista to my PC in a dual-boot configuration. A lot of the menus are tougher to navigate, but the Aero-Glass stuff is nice. I want to kick the tire some more with a game install or two, but was hoping to be able to O/C my 7600GT a bit before doing so. From what I've read Coolbits doesn't work properly in Vista.

Does anyone out there know how to O/C an nVIDIA card on Vista RC1? Of course, RC2 is coming out this Friday so maybe Coolbits will be back by then, but I have to download and install RC2 first and I'm impatient.

Lemme know your thoughts folks.
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  1. Unfortunately, I have done that, but no changes ocurred on the nVIDIA Control Panel. I don't think the current version of Coolbits works on Vista.
  2. I have very much the same problem. I use Vista RC1. I installed coolbits, and nothing happened. IDK if nVIDIA took out this feature for thier beta drivers for vista.
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