Multi-issue: activation, upgrade

I updated my Win XP system with a newer mobo, graphics & proc. It says i need to re-activate windows. I also want to upgrade to Win 8. Soooooo...

Do i need to/ should I reactivate XP before upgrading?
Will there be issues upgrading Win XP with so much stuff updated?
I'd like to load Win 8 on a new 2Tb drive I installed. I read where I should get the Win 8 upgrade file as an iso and burn it to a DVD, then I can install it on the new drive...will it see my XP drive?
I have not loaded the graphics drivers or mobo drivers in Win XP yet...can/should I wait until after I upgrade?

Thanks so much.
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  1. sorry for the double post but it said the Win 8 site was unavailable.
  2. There's a sporting chance that since you upgraded the motherboard that MS will not activate your old copy of XP - unless it's a full version (not OEM). Worth a shot tho.

    Otherwise, may have to buy Win8 full.
  3. it's a full version
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    - The Windows 8 download setup program will detect if your system has been activated and will send that info to its WebStore. The store will look at your OS version, and activation status and either make a upgrade offer or not. If it makes a offer and you accept, pay, you should get a key and you may install. If it does not make a offer, no skin off your nose, get your product activated and try again.
    Or install one of the beta versions that can be upgraded (until the end of Jan when they expire, this assumes that these versions are still being activated).

    - The windows upgrade program will download a version that will match your running OS x86 Microarchitecture. That is you will download 32 bit windows8 from a 32 bit XP version and 64 bit windows8 if you run the setup from a 64 bit windows version.
    I mention this in case you had 32 bit OS and want to install a 64 bit version of Windows 8. (more steps to do that)
  5. i would do ms up and tel lthem the mb failed and you replaced it. the csr will give you a new oem number to use for xp. i would then register xp so that you can pull any data off the drive you need. if the drive been wiped and is empty there nothing on it and you have the full version of windows and or the upgrade of windows 8 and the old xp install cd. I would install the new larger drive...boot off of windows 8 image if it bootable. then install windows 8 on the new going to look for xp or windows 7 and if it cant find it on the new drive you have to put the windows xp cd into the cd rom drive to install windows upgrade from a blank hard drive. when you switch mb you have to do a clean install of windows unless it the same brand and model mb. some people try and boot into safe mode and try and remove the older mb drivers some times that will work some times not.
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  7. here's what happened... I called MS and they fixed the activation issue. After that, they said I should be able to apply for the Win 8 upgrade online. I had to install the mobo drivers in XP cause I had no internet access without it. I upgraded to Win 8. That went surprisingly well. The only issue was after upgrading, the latest graphics card drivers still would not work in Win 8, but after deleting the old drivers, Win 8 used it's own driver for it...I don't know what will happen with games using that driver.
    I also learned how to go to safe mode in Win 8... hitting F8 or shift F8 didn't work for me, but if you restart the third time after a no start situation, it boots in a mode that offers options to fix the condition.
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