New Socket F Opterons with only heatsink?


I have noticed that the new Socket F opterons that are being sold on newegg do not come with fans on the heatsinks. Will this be OK in running two of these chips is a tower case? If it isnt what type of heatsink/fans fit the socket? Could one put a 940 heatsink/fan into the Socket Fs?

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  1. Those passive heatsink are usually made to be used in 1U or 2U chasis or specifically design pedestal chasis.

    Usually you will have at least one if not many 120MM fan turning at rather high speed with some sort of air tunnel to ensure a good airflow around the heatsink.

    A normal desktop case should'nt provide adequate airflow.

    As of using 940 heatsink I relly dont know, I suggest looking for opteron that ship with the active fan or just buying a cpu without heatsink and get a proper aftermarket cooler designed for socket F.

    **I'm not expert on these so there might not be any active fan for these and there might not be aftermarket cooler yet...Others might provide adequate solution, I suggest more research before buying these!
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