New 945GM moboard: Overclockable?

I gotta know how overclockable Gigabyte's new 945GM moboard is with an Allendale or Conroe CPU.

I'm really new to overclocking. I've built my own computer before, but first of all I didn't overclock it, and secondly that was 1998. So I'm catching up.

After reading about overclocking the C2D I am to understand that DDR2-667 is okay, in that one can then change the FSB from 266 to 333 and keep the all-important 1:1 ratio. This board does support DDR2-667; can I overclock it this much at least?

Overclocking RAM is important too, as it allows one to increase FSB even further. I've read the reviews on DDR2-533 overclocking past 400MHz (800/2) with decent timings. As this board does not support anything faster than DDR2-667, nor RAM voltages higher than 1.8v, this is not an option.

But still. I want to at least overclock the FSB from stock 266 to 333 with say this stuff (2GB G.Skill DDR2-667 4-4-4-12, 1.8v). Does anyone know if it can be done? Or should I just pay another $50 for the DS3 and another $90 for the X800 GTO?

That's rather the attraction of this board. Not only is it cheaper, but the onboard video is decent enough I can play games until dropping $300 on a DX10/Vista video card.

Can she be overclocked from 266 to 333? And should I hold out on buying any video card until the DX10 cards and Vista?
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  1. i can't help you much, but i can try since no one else has.

    when you set your ram at a 1:1 ratio with the FSB, your going to end up with DDR2-533, now when you overclock your FSB, this RAM speed is going to go up, so having DDR2-667 RAM will remove this barrier to overclocking.

    i must admit i am not familiar with that MoBo, so you are going to have to check some reviews to see how good an overclocker it is. and you should also make sure that it supports conroe as it is a 945 chipset (i'm pretty sure most don't support conroe, but correct me if i'm wrong)

    i personally think that it is a very good idea to hold on the graphics card until DX10 cards come out, but then you should wait to see how the reviews are, so i would suggest buying something budget-ended until then because it's at least 2 months away (in my opinion) and probably 3-4 months until proper (high end) cards get released.

    I hope i managed to clear some things up, please ask any other questions you feel i haven't answered and i will try to answer them.

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