Fuzzyness in Game Cutscenes (Please Help)

I just finished the build about a week ago, and everything works great..... mostly.

The games I am specifically talking about are Fable:The Lost Chapters, and FarCry. When I start Fable, there is a little movie, and it looks horrible, fuzzy, almost like it is in 16bpp mode... It happens again with FarCry, the beginning movie and in the "Demo Mode". The in game graphics are superb, only the cutscenes/movies.

What settings could possible smooth this out? I have Tray Tools, and Catalyst Control 6.9.

Note: Halo and Unreal 2004 are fine, cutscenes and all.
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  1. Oh, and if it makes a difference, I am using the DVI to VGA adapter that came with my card going to an HPL1506 (Cheap 15" I got for free, works great though, no ghosting or tearing)
  2. they may be just 16 bit movies....allot of games do this to save space....Thief 1 and 2(yeah they are old...but they come to mind right away) did....also movies on games are at lower res most times too(640x480)

    did not see screen listed
    ....some LCD's have less accurate color as well

    More EDIT
    it seems that screen can display 16million colors....and not 16.7 so it could be that.... in general LCD's are not as good with color as CRT.....but they get better every day....
  3. I thought it may be something like that. The gameplay looks great, just the movies suck.... o well
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