Is 7950GX2 supported by P5B Deluxe mobo?

I am upgrading my entire system and most certainly at the moment i know that I'll buy a Conroe 6600 processor and a Thermaltake Toughpower 750W PSU. (The PSU has just been bought.)
I also know that I want everything from ASUS, but I don't know if ASUS's 7950GX2 is compatible with the P5B Deluxe m/b that I'm targeting at. I know, the P5N32 SLI Premium is coming, but it will either be too expensive or out of stock here in Greece.
So what are my options for 7950 GX2 m/b from ASUS? I know there's a table at Nvidia but it is outdated and contains only a few mobos. Anyone have a P5B Deluxe with 7950 GX2??? Any problems or any other suggestions for ASUS Conroe mobos compatible with 7950 GX2??
Thanks in advance
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  1. 7950 GX2 is treated as a single card, so no problem with this mobo!

    Depending on how much you can wait, and since you in greece you wont see immediate fall out but the new Gen cards(high end part) are comming in less than two month(from nVidia) you should see a good price drop across the high end board... SOmething to keep in perspective.
  2. So you suggest I wait for DX10 graphics? I think this is a bit too far still. I would like to have bought the PC at least before Christmas so I don't think I'll be with DX10...
    Anyway thanks for your reply, it was soothing to know that. But I'm still wondering, if it is treated as a single VGA as you say, then why at it's launch there were only specific mobos that support it? This is the only thing that created doubt to me too... :?:
  3. Im using them both right now, so.... they have full compatibility. ASUS P5B Deluxe + XFX 7950GX2 M520
  4. What I meant by waiting is that price would go down accross the board leaving you wit more option.
    On the other hand, super high end card dont see that much of a price drop so you might as well go for it.

    I dont know why some mobo would'nt support it...cuz they're AGP based...heheh

    here's how it work if your interested
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