P5W DH Deluxe Chipset temp question (I think...)

Hi all,

I have what is probably a pretty noobish question. I'm overclocking for the first time with a P5W DH Deluxe and an E6300. I've got my machine to a stable point at 2.8 gigs (I'm being conservative because I have less an idea of what I'm doing than I'd like).

My problem arises when I run dual prime95 stress tests. I get no errors on the tests, but the "temp 3" in my speed fan app keeps showing somewhere around 50 degrees C (+/- 2 degrees or so). I THINK that "temp 3" is my chipset, but I really don't know. I tried downloading the motherboard specs from the speedfan website, but my board isn't available.

My question is, does anyone know what "temp 3" is, and if so, am I running way too hot?

Any help would be Greatly appreciated....
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  1. I have the same question... I'm running a E6600 at stock speeds and my temp3 is anywhere from 67ºC to 130ºC! Aside from that little oddity the sytem is rock solid. I think temp1 is the chipset and temp2 is the CPU but I really am not sure, since this is my first new mobo in close to five years so I'm a little behind on the tech heh. I'll be putting on a new CPU HSF tonight and doing some OC'ing so maybe I'll have a better idea then.
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