Need feedback about Ultra V series 600W power supply

I recently got a Ultra V series 600W ATX power supply from Fry's (Model ULT33133). Anybody use these? Any comments on the performance? The original cost on these was 89, marked down to 69 something with rebates came down to ~25.
Would appreciate the feedback.
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  1. well at that price you can afford to buy a spare, for when the first Fry's! :lol:
  2. so not a good one you say?
  3. At that price it's an excellent deal - I would probably get one as well... I wouldn't expect to get 600w out of it at all since they are usually rated at max so 500w or so would be a much more realistic expectation. Seriously 600w for under $100? :roll:

    Check out this review of the older V-series units, when the power draw approached the rated wattage it becomes out of spec, and that's asking for trouble. So just don't run SLI mode will be fine :wink: they are not bad for a budget PSU.
  4. Hi
    Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the feedback. The problem I have is I am not sure what kind of PSU I should be getting. From what I read, Antecs are the best power supplies around. I am planning to buy this particular combination, and ABIT motherboard, with a Athlon64 processor. I plan to have 2 PATA drives, seagate 400GB drive, a maxtor 80GB drive.I might have an additiona SATA drive (about the same size as the PATA). Or I might end up using the PATA in an external enclosure. I am not big on games, but will have a midiman DMAN PCI sound card in the setup. I am not sure if this question makes sense, what would be the wattage of the PSU I will need.A lot of the cases come with 300-350-400W. Would that be sufficient.
    Thanks. First time builder, so please bear with my questions.
  5. Antecs are not the best by far, they make some ho hum stuff too, but regarding their TruePower series, they are really good quality and at reasonable prices too...
  6. I have the 400Watt and so far it works great. the voltages are very steady and it runs my rig without a sweat and with my 2.5 overclock
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